Middle School Dive in and Discover: A Reflection

Middle School students have finished their ERB testing, and today will participate in the Dive in and Discover Fair, where student groups will have the opportunity to share with the rest of our Middle School what they have explored and learned over the course of the last few days. This exchange of information shows students how to translate what they have learned and teach or share it with their fellow classmates. Dive In and Discover week is not just a departure from daily curriculum, it is an opportunity for students to explore unique topics of their interest and be fully immersed in that realm during that week. This week students delved into everything from being outdoors, puzzles, coding, cooking, and even campus beautification. Click below to find out more about how each Dive in and Discover group spent their week.

Quiet Activities

Mini Golf Code

Baking with Chocolate

Walk in the Woods

Create a Meal

Campus Beautification


Extreme Sports


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