We allow kids the time to be kids.

Children are built to move, and knowing that down time is essential to a child’s development as a Whole Person, we give our students the time, space, and materials for unstructured, imaginative, child-driven play. Our emphasis on play and exploration doesn’t end with the recess bell. Playfulness permeates our classrooms and fuels our students’ creativity.

The most powerful learning happens when interest and passion drive the process. With the guidance of caring teachers, students grow within a nurturing environment, and find the courage to step outside their comfort zones, to explore, and take risks.

How We Teach and Learn

We know students learn best by doing, and Keys students like to roll up their sleeves and get dirty! Building a model city, prototyping inventions during maker time, and composing music with GarageBand give our students opportunities to explore, imagine, and create. Through open-ended discovery, project work, and group discussion, students work together to tackle real world problems and begin to appreciate their impact on their community and the larger world. When students drive the process, learning becomes more meaningful, resulting in a deep and abiding enthusiasm for the pursuit of knowledge.

Our focus on social-emotional awareness allows for the development of secure and confident learners who are able to rise to challenges and rebound from the inevitable mistakes that come with authentic learning. We believe that establishing positive attitudes toward learning is critical in these early years, and our teachers embrace a growth mindset, encouraging effort, improvement, and persistence.

Developing Responsibility and Extending Learning through Homework

We know how truly precious time is. Therefore, homework at Keys is both limited and purposeful. Homework is meant to help students reinforce skills learned in class or prepare for an upcoming lesson.

"Here kids just really get to be kids, and we all value each individual child's personality." Ashley, Second Grade Teacher