We are proud of how our students light the way for each other.  


Each year, younger students are paired with older buddies, and come together throughout the year for shared learning experiences, community activities, and just plain fun. The connections between students of all ages results in meaningful personal growth and is essential to building community school-wide. Younger students enjoy having an older student to look up to and bond with, while older students take on nurturing roles as mentors and friends. Middle Schoolers also enjoy the opportunities to dive back into the sandbox and swing from the monkey bars with their younger buddies.


All students, faculty, and staff at Keys are members of a “House” (Water, Air, Fire, Ice, Light, and Earth), each with its own signature color, insignia, and handshake. Students retain their House membership throughout their years at Keys. House events provide opportunities for students and faculty to work together across grades as they rally for fun, for projects, and for each other. In an already close-knit community, Houses provide an additional sense of belonging, and as students grow through the years within their House, they step into the roles of learner, leader, follower, friend, and more.

“I like hanging out with the younger kids. I was once like that – playing and pretending I was a lion or princess. I had a hero and an example in my older buddy. And now I’m the example.” Carmen, Eighth Grader