Middle School Dive in and Discover: Extreme Sports

Students in our extreme sports group really “felt the burn” this week. Fingers and forearms were a little extra tender at the beginning of the week after students spent the day scaling walls at Planet Granite, pushing personal bests and powering through the doubt that sinks in when your body starts sending you signals that this is harder than it looked from the ground! The only thing louder than the sound of personal bests being shattered was the support and rooting on of each other to do so! Before then jumping into the exciting realm of Obstacle Courses, students explored some health questions, like What is adrenaline and what happens to our body when it is released through our system?  How does it help, how might it hurt? Once course records were established, the natural next step was to attempt to break them. Student were pulling sleds, climbing for chickens, throwing at targets, jumping through others, avoiding becoming a target themselves, all while earning points or chasing the clock! The energy was up, the intensity was high and the fun was huge! The week continued with a “fast and furious” day at the go kart track. Students zipped around the track, jockeying for position, all while testing limits of speed and comfort. Though times were posted, the true measures of success were the smiles, laughs and retelling of close-calls. The only downer of the day was the checkered flag at the end signifying our final lap! The final day included a trip to Shoreline to try out some water sports! Luckily the weather was good because some students got wet, all in the name of testing their limits.

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