Administrative Leadership Team

Deeply passionate about our school’s mission and committed to the growth and development of happy healthy individuals, our Leadership Team works daily to translate our strategic vision into actual practice. Always eager to know and understand the perspectives and ideas of our community, our doors are always open.

Head of School – Heather Rogers
Head of Lower School – Betsy Doss
Head of Middle School – Larry Purcell
Director of Finance and Operations – Cathie Whalen
Director of Admission and Strategic Enrollment – Jing Xu
Director of Advancement – Sprinza Katz
Director of Communication – Kristin Neirinckx
Director of Technology – Ryan Matyjasik

Board of Trustees

As an independent school accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), Keys School is governed by an elected Board of Trustees. The Board acts as the guardian of the school’s mission, monitoring the success of the school in fulfilling its mission and ensuring that it remains relevant and vital to the community it serves, provides financial oversight of the school’s operations, and supports long-term strategic planning.  

2023-2024 Board of Trustees
Katie Miller, Chair
Sharon Williams, Vice Chair
Linda Jiang, Treasurer
Ramon Peypoch, Secretary
Renata Berger, Vice Chair for Facilities Planning
Jasmyne Sanders, Vice Chair for Committee on Trustees
Jennifer Szeto, Vice Chair for Development
Lynda Brouchoud
Christy Dosiou
Jill Glasgow
David Hong
Jacquetta Lannan
Nancy Lue
Heather Rogers, Head of School
Aaron Schwartz
Robert Smith
Boyuan Sun, Keys School Association President
Amada Torres
Vicki Wilkerson
Lucy Zhang