Middle School Dive in and Discover: Mini Golf Code

Fore! Many of us have known the great stress and anxiety that descends as we try to put our mini golf through that ever-challenging windmill, but this week our students took mini golf to a different level with coding. Students kicked off the week learning the fundamentals, not how to swing a golf club, but how to code and control the Sphero mini golf ball itself. After picking up on the basics, students experimented further with the mini golf ball, propelling it in different directions and learning how to be precise with its movement in order draw different shapes with it. Later in the week they built their own golf courses including a variety of challenges like bridges, tunnels and sharp turns that they would need to navigate the Sphero ball through. By the end of this week students in our mini golf code group were able to build up their coding skills, and get a glimpse into being a civil and software engineer.

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