Each student at Keys is recognized and appreciated as an individual.

Every week all faculty, specialists, and support staff attend a meeting dedicated to discussing individual students – their talents, challenges (both academic and personal) and interests. Teachers really get to know their students and adapt instruction to target individual learning styles and specific academic and social goals.

A support team of Learning Specialists and School Counselors work together with faculty to develop differentiation strategies for individual students. The support team also works with parents, sharing observations and providing consultation. Teachers and families work in partnership, maintaining open channels of communication as they strive toward the shared goal – to see each student thriving as a student and a person. When home and school work together, students are capable of progress in leaps and bounds.

"Every child is unique and doesn't necessarily need the same approach. As teachers, the more tools we can add to our toolbox, the better teachers we become." Kathryn, K-2 Reading Specialist