At Keys, we do more than prepare students academically. We guide them to be confident and take pride in their individuality.

Within a safe environment, everyone is known, and each student is appreciated as an individual. During early adolescence, students start to seek greater independence. At Keys, we let students take that journey toward self-sufficiency at their own pace. Students take greater ownership of their learning, setting personal and academic goals and developing strategies to manage their time effectively. Deep bonds between teachers and students and the partnership between home and school provide a network of support for our students during this period of significant growth.

How We Teach and Learn

Whether they are lounging on beanbags in the library or tinkering with circuit boards in the science lab, Keys students are asking questions and engaging each other in lively discussion. Students collaborate on projects and support one another as they challenge assumptions, imagine possibilities, and arrive at new understandings about the world around them. Dissections in the lab, ceramic work in the art studio, and robotics races on the basketball court build confidence and creativity, and help our students grow resilient as they figure things out for themselves.

Teachers create an atmosphere that is both safe and challenging, and mistakes are valued as an essential part of the learning process. We value and make time for reflection, supporting students as they develop a deep awareness of themselves as learners and as people.

Developing Responsibility and Extending Learning through Homework

We know how truly precious time is. Therefore, homework at Keys is both limited and purposeful. Homework is meant to help students reinforce skills learned in class or prepare for an upcoming lesson.

"The Middle School years are a critical period of growth. Students evolve from children into adults. Our role is to guide students as they develop their awareness of themselves as people and as learners.” Larry, Head of Middle School