Middle School Dive in and Discover: Create a Meal

Students in our Create a Meal group started out the week learning all about knife safety, exploring how to safely use various chefs knives to properly cut fruits and vegetables when preparing a meal. After a period of exploration, students applied their new knife skills to a little friendly competition, cutting a shaping different fruit into intricate swans, owls, snakes and even some teachers’ faces. With such beautiful weather, why not take their beautiful creations outside for a picnic? Students not only enjoyed the outdoors but had a chance to share what they learned with some of their friends. The week continued with none other but a Guac-Off. Students learned how to taste their food for different flavors, and how to season accordingly…little tip – jalapeno makes all the difference. Towards the end of the week our students focused on dessert and decided to try out a no-bake recipe, using dates as a healthy alternative sweetener. We wouldn’t be surprised if we have some future Iron Chefs in our midst!

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