Employment Opportunities
March for Equality

Keys Students and Teachers Walk for Equality

Several students and teachers gathered in Palo Alto on Sunday to participate in the Northern California Walk for Equality, a rally to support and protect women’s rights and the Equal Rights Amendment. The Keys Walking and Fundraising Team was coordinated with the help of the Keys’ Girls Leadership Initiative, an on-campus student group advocating women’s…

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Keys Hosts Visiting Teachers from Hawaii

Keys School recently hosted a group of visiting teachers from Kamehameha Schools in Hawaii. Operating an educational network of more than 90 schools currently serving more than 7,000 students of Hawaiian ancestry, Kamehameha Schools’ mission is to improve the capability and well-being of Hawaiians through education. With an emphasis on professional development and cross-cultural connection,…

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Research and Design

Real-World Problem Solving in 7th Grade Research and Design

The 7th grade Research and Design class convened in the library yesterday morning to work on the second phase of their Keys Community Improvement Project. Using the design process as their guide, students worked with faculty and staff members to define particular problems or issues of concern on the Middle School campus. Issues ranged from gender-neutral…

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Elkus Ranch

First Graders Explore Elkus Ranch Environmental Education Center

Earlier this week, students in first grade travelled to Half Moon Bay for a day-long field trip at the Elkus Ranch Environmental Education Center. In addition to exploring live stock, gardens, and acres of open space, students learned about how the food they eat is grown and processed, the necessity of safe food handling, and…

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Pi Day Celebration

Fifth Graders Honor Pi Day With Interactive Math Celebration

The Middle School library was abuzz yesterday morning, as the fifth grade class hosted parents and faculty members for an interactive mathematics celebration. Coinciding with Pi Day, the nationwide event commemorating the mathematical symbol used to represent a constant, students led parents through a series of stations involving math games, world problems, and investigations. The budding…

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Immigration Simulation

Third Graders Experience Interactive Immigration Simulation

As part of their unit on Immigration, third graders recently had the opportunity to travel back in time to the late 1800s and experience the trials and tribulations of life as an immigrant traveling to America. Each student was assigned a different country of origin and learned about the different classes of travel through boarding a…

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Ice Skating

Gaining Confidence and Finding Balance on the Ice

Students have laced up their ice skates at Keys since the school’s inception in 1973, staying active during the brisk winter months by learning how to ice skate through lessons, free-skate time, and fun games with their friends. Each winter, students, teachers, and parent volunteers share the rink and learn from one another. On several…

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Student Council

Running for Student Council at Middle School

Election season is heating up on the Middle School campus, as applications for Student Council candidates are near due. Council member duties include organizing campus-wide spirit events, coordinating assembly activities, and even interviewing prospective teachers!

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