Keys Staff Build Augmented Reality Sandbox

Imagine being able to create landscapes out of sand and then seeing the effects of water and weather come to life on your new creation. The new Augmented Reality Sandbox, built by our own Steven Zeigler, Technology Support Specialist, and Dave Coffman, Facilities Manager, allows students to shape sand into colorful topographical maps, which respond…

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Kindergarteners Explore – “What does it mean to be a hero?”

Kindergarteners have been exploring heroism by diving into the past to learn about real-life heroes. While studying Rosa Parks, students made a mental journey to Montgomery, Alabama and traveled back in time to December 1, 1955. They were asked to imagine the many reactions and perspectives of other passengers who shared Rosa’s infamous bus ride…

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Many Languages of Expression – Fourth Grade

Fourth graders embarked on a collaborative interdisciplinary project exploring various modes of expression. They began by analyzing Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition,” (a composition inspired by an art exhibit) during music class. In art, students then used a segment of Mussorgsky’s piano composition to inspire abstract paintings, experimenting with color, line, value, shape, and space.…

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