Employment Opportunities

Designing and Building at Middle School

Students were recently tasked with their latest Design Challenge – build a Rube Goldberg Machine capable of pouring a bowl of cereal. Today, students were hard at work designing and building their inventions.

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New Middle School Students Join House Groups

Yesterday afternoon’s Opening Assembly provided the perfect opportunity for new Middle School students to join their assigned Houses in a fun game involving hula hoops, balloons, and a raucous cheering section of friends and classmates.

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Banned Books Week

Middle School Participates in Banned Books Week

Keys Middle Schoolers are participating in Banned Books Week, a nation-wide celebration of the freedom to read. Students will be examining the issues of artistic censorship and freedom of expression as they study a variety of past and present banned and challenge books.

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Buddies Share Books

Buddies Connect Over Favorite Books

Older and younger student Buddies shared their favorite books with one another on Friday. Throughout the year, buddies will come together for shared learning experiences, community activities, and lots of fun.

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Robotics Club

Tinkering and Problem-Solving in Lego Robotics Club

Keys Middle School students kicked off a new round of hands-on projects during yesterday afternoon’s Lego Robotics Club. Lego Robotics is a combination of engineering, programing, teamwork, and iterative thinking. Working as a team this fall, students will build and program a robot to overcome a series of design challenges, redefining technical understanding and team troubleshooting!

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Dot Day

Lower School Students Send Help and Hope to Hurricane Victims

In honor of this week’s International Dot Day, a worldwide celebration of creativity, collaboration, and community service, students in K-4 participated in activities to help make their mark as agents of positive change, by creating items for children affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. From no-sew blankets and colorful brackets to school supplies and creative cards,…

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Character Day

Middle School Participates in Character Day

Earlier this week, Keys Middle Schoolers participated in Character Day, a global event designed to spark conversations about what makes up character and how to live a good life. Students wrote down specific actions that exemplify different character traits, drawing from history, the arts, current events, or their own lives. These ideas provided the perfect spark…

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Talking About Natural Disasters

Talking To Children About Natural Disasters

Of late we’ve been feeling like one natural disaster – Hurricane Harvey – would have been enough. The addition of Hurricane Irma, the earthquake in Mexico, the fires in Oregon, Montana, and our own home state, not to mention the flooding in India have left us all with a wild range of emotions, from “How…

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