Middle School Dive in and Discover Week: An Introduction

Middle school students will be truly living out the mission this week as they “honor curiosity and reflection in an increasingly hurried world” every afternoon through Dive In and Discover courses. Like it’s counterpart at the Lower School, Dive In and Discover Week provides students a chance to engage with new topics that push the boundaries of what school is and can be. Cross-grade groupings also allow for community building, as teachers and students get to learn and explore together and form new relationships. In Middle School, Dive In and Discover courses help students get a taste of the kind of electives they may experience in high school, and teach skills that don’t always fit easily into any one subject. This year, students will also be teaching each other what they learned during their course at our culminating Dive In Fair on Friday afternoon!

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Here are the courses being offered during Middle School Dive in and Discover Week 2019!

A Walk in the Woods – Change your scenery, change your pace. Get out into nature and let the stresses melt away! Join us as we leave campus and venture out for experiences that will allow you to slow down, breathe fresh air and take in the beautiful views that surround us. We will hike, explore, relax, create art and go on a “seek & hide” adventure while we enjoy our time in nature.

Baking with Chocolate – Join us for a delicious time making chocolate creations from scratch. On the first day, teams will explore how to enhance a variety of breakfast items with chocolate.  On the second day, teams will enjoy a friendly and creative cupcake competition (aka Cupcake Wars)! Bring your creative ideas and your teamwork skills!

Bike Field Trip – We will be learning more about our bikes and the rules of the road, and then we will go exploring! Learn hand signals, bike care and maintenance and then put them to the test as we head to downtown Palo Alto, Stanford and the Baylands.

Campus Beautification – Let’s continue the beautification of the Keys Middle School campus with more planting and an exciting mural art project! Learn about gardening and maintaining plants and contribute to our first-ever mural!

Extreme Sports – Like living on the edge? Extreme Sports will challenge you to overcome the physical and mental aspects that give extreme sports their name. On and off campus, you will create, face, and conquer obstacles that push you to your limit.

Food: Make and Eat – Do you like eating food? Of course you do! But, do you know how to make guacamole? To professionally decorate a cookie or a salad? Have you ever made a beautiful smoothie bowl? Join us to learn basic cooking skills and practice making delicious and dazzling meals (and eating them!).

Mini-Golf Code & Play –  Design, code and play a mini-golf course. Students collaborate to design a mini golf course which they will be play by coding a device to go from the tee to the green. Practice your probleming solving skills, coding and logical thinking.

Puzzles, Games and Escape Room – Flex your brain! We’ll have fun solving puzzles, doing math art, playing strategy games, practicing improv, and participating in an escape room field trip. Stretch your brain and collaborative problem-solving skills

Quiet Activities – Are you looking for a quiet place to decompress, especially after a long morning of ERBs? Then this is the place for you!  Each of our sessions will include fun with puzzles and watching clips of silent films. Blankets and pillows are welcome for this low-key, chill activity.


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