Dive in and Discover: Honoring Curiosity in a Hurried World

Mission Statement: “Keys School challenges students to develop a keen intellect and a generous spirit, to advocate for themselves and others, and to honor curiosity and reflection in an increasingly hurried world.”

Years ago, in the spirit of our mission statement, Keys School would dedicate time during the year to explore topics beyond their daily curriculum, giving students the freedom to dictate their education. Keys School recently brought back this honored tradition and renamed it Dive in and Discover week. Today marks the beginning of Dive in and Discover week for Keys Lower School. Students have collaborated with teachers in prior months to hone in on their passion and areas of curiosity which would translate to the topics of focus for this week. During Dive in and Discover week, students in Grades K through 4 will be intermixed and divided into 8 groups, each of which will focus on one of the topics listed below.

This week gives students a chance to engage with new topics, to be fully immersed in one topic in a real-world way, and to push the boundaries of what school is and can be. Beyond the opportunities this gives to our students to explore and delve into new topics, this is also a valuable experience for our teachers as well, who get to plan lessons in a new way, work with students outside of the age range they are typically instructing, and to try something new for themselves. At the end of the day, Dive in and Discover week demonstrates how the concept of school can be fluid, and how learning goes far beyond the walls of a classroom. This week is a coming together of the Keys Lower School community, and the cross-grade friendships developed over the course of Dive in and Discover week will make our community even closer.

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Photos from Dive in and Discover Week will also be available to view and download on Vidigami (you will need to log in to your Vidigami account)!

Here are the topics students brainstormed for Dive in and Discover Week 2019!

Just Do It!

What is a sport? Where do sports come from? These are just a few of the questions that we will explore this week! From running to jumping, throwing to catching, sports with nets to sports with rackets and so much more, you will expand your understanding and try your hand (or foot!) at new and familiar sports. Travel with us from Hoover Park to Oracle Arena, to other countries and back. We will end the week by creating our own sport to teach others!

Performing Arts

If your heart sings at the idea of acting, dancing, crafting costumes, putting on stage makeup, or using your imagination to create characters and stories, then join us for a week of movement, performance, and design! We will be traveling to the Children’s Theater for a special backstage tour and diving into a workshop in improv. We will have swing dancers visiting as well as our very own Ms. Higgins to share some of her dance moves. We can’t wait to play, act, and dance with you!

Animal Adventures

Are you an animal lover? Do you want to learn more about animals? Come join us as we explore animal habitats, how to share our environment, and some fascinating fun facts. We’ll be learning about animals through art, books, games and more. You’ll even have a chance to meet some animals along the way!

Creativity in the Community

Come express yourself and create wonders for the Keys community to appreciate. We will dive into the history of public art, explore murals in our community and learn from experts about how artists use their craft purposefully as a way to communicate for all to see and enjoy. Join us to explore different forms of creative expression using a variety of materials such as yarn, chalk, stickers and more.

Around the World

Ni hao! Bonjour! Buenos Días! Ever wanted to travel the world for free? Would you like to spend the afternoon with an Egyptian mummy? Or marvel at the beauty of a Japanese tea garden? Might you like learning how penguins dance in Antarctica? Do you dream of joining an African drum circle? Are you an adventurous eater? Whether it’s painting like Monet, decorating tiles like a Moroccan, or building the highest pyramid like the ancient Aztecs, we want to take you on a journey of a lifetime. Join us as we sing, dance, create, and eat our way around the world.

Under the Big Top

Have you ever thought about running off with the circus?  Have you ever dreamed of designing your own carnival game?  Well, step right up!!! Highlights include a field trip to a trapeze school to learn circus skills, exploring the science behind carnival treats, and learning how to attract and excite a crowd!  Help us design games, model carnival rides, activities, and tricks to feature at our very own Keys Carnicus (carnival/circus)! So… step right up…outside of your comfort zone!

Magic and Imagination

Join us as we discover the magic of science, explore potion making, cast spells with our own hand-crafted wands, and create magical creatures. We will learn all about the power of illusion, as a real life magician visits to teach us some tricks! Throughout our week together, we will enjoy visits to Magical Bridges, and the Exploratorium. Are you ready to step into the world of magic?

Courageous Campers

Do you love camping and caring for nature?  How about the feeling of the outdoors all around you?  Why not spend a week immersed in nature! We will explore creepy crawlies and winged friends, build a compass and discover ways to care for our planet. Join us and prepare yourself to set up camp in the classroom and brave the great outdoors!


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