Blast from the Not-So-Distant Past

Nolan, Keys Alum Class of 2018, returned to our Lower School campus today to volunteer his time to be cinematographer for the fourth grade students “Come to California” projects. After their lessons in persuasive language, students scripted commercials to lure tourists to different regions of California. Students used iPads to record voice overs and film their commercials. One group staged the beach on the playground complete with beach towels, froyo, surf boards, and sunglasses, for that added cool effect.  The kindergarten playground was transformed into the farmlands of Central California, where students watering their “fields” attracted tourists with the promise of fresh produce. After a day of filming and reminiscing, Nolan couldn’t leave Keys without joining some of our third grade students for some riveting conversation over lunch. Seeing students graduate from Keys is always bittersweet, but we are so glad our alum continue to visit and be active members of the Keys community.

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