These Workout Videos (NETFLEX) Collected by Ms. Chambers are Great for Children and Adults

Getting your workout in just got a lot easier—with help from our 7th and 8th Grade PE teacher Ms. Chambers. After scouring the online video workout world for the most helpful content, she assembled her top choices into one glorious collection. A collection she calls NETFLEX.

Where did this idea come from?
Ms. Chambers said, “At the end of June it became apparent we weren’t returning for on-campus learning. Prior to the 2019-2020 school year ending, I had a few parents wishing there was more of a physical component to PE. Luckily, around the same time, my former PE Teacher from High School added me to a Facebook group to connect all the Physical Educators.” 
Once there, Ms. Chambers was inspired by a PE teacher from Georgia sharing a version of NETFLEX for her elementary school students. She granted permission for others to use the idea and Ms. Chambers got to work on one for Keys.
What is NETFLEX?
“I have composed 43 programs, ranging from Dr. Who Workouts to Ping-Pong to Fortnite to Kung-Fu, you name it it’s probably on there.” All in all, it took me about 1.5 months to create.
My ultimate goal was to get students moving.” Ms. Chambers said, “They will be spending a lot of time in front of the computer and for at least 3 minutes or more they need to be moving their bodies using the NETFLEX program. The way I keep them accountable is having them submit Flipgrid Workout Videos documenting their workouts.”
Take a look through Ms. Chamber’s NETFLEX collection of workout and yoga videos in the link below. Suitable for giving kids and parents challenging exercises that lead to strong bodies and healthy minds.
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