One Small Step for Man

Armed with nothing but their wits, Kindergarten students in P.E. class worked together in teams to hop across space (the lawn) using “gravity tiles” to get from Earth (Little House) to a Satellite (a tree) in need of repairs. Students hopped single file, passing an extra tile from the very back to the front of the line so the whole team could move towards the damaged satellite. Gravity tiles, unfortunately, are notoriously sensitive so students could not make a sound. Students had to focus their attention to the serious mission at hand in order to notice the non-verbal signals from their team. If a student talked the gravity tiles would instantly fail and everyone would fall back to earth (slowly enough to land safely of course!), forced to start again. Earthlings can rest easy today knowing that these little astronauts got to the satellite just in time and were able to save the day!

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