On Your Mark…Get Set…Go!

“Tell me a strategy you used that helped you accomplish the task?”. Physical Education with Jeff Berridge, Keys Lower School PE Teacher, is about team work, critical thinking, and building in students the necessary skill sets that they will later employ in sports and in life. Students learn to think about the moves they make in the context of strategy, and how their actions will get them to their goal. As second grade students dribble balls from one area of the park into hoops on another side, they learn to be precise and strategize, as well as have fun. Before the music starts, sounding the start of the exercise, Jeff asks his class “What do we do when we dribble?” to which all the students respond “always look up!”, reminding everyone the importance of safe practices, watching where they¬†are going, and good sportsmanship, being mindful of other players on the field, when engaging in any sport.


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