Talking About Natural Disasters

Talking To Children About Natural Disasters

Of late we’ve been feeling like one natural disaster – Hurricane Harvey – would have been enough. The addition of Hurricane Irma, the earthquake in Mexico, the fires in Oregon, Montana, and our own home state, not to mention the flooding in India have left us all with a wild range of emotions, from “How can this be?” to “What does this mean?” to “How can I help?” And, as we watch the awesome efforts of rescuers, many of whom have left behind their own families to be of support, we marvel at their goodness.

As a parent, you may be struggling to find the words to help your child understand these events and navigate uncertainty and fear. We thought we’d share a few resources we have drawn upon in recent days when students raise questions at school. If you’re looking for ways to have conversations at home we recommend this blog post from Doing Good Together, as well as Hand in Hand Parenting’s advice for younger students.

Remember that in difficult times, talking with each other is a source of comfort.

Taking action is healing. Becoming our best selves is uplifting.

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