Math Moves Outside

Our 6th-grade Math students moved outside to consolidate their findings from a fractions activity they did in class the day before using chocolate. 

Here’s the math problem: 

There’s a room in your school that has three tables in it with plenty of space for chairs to go around. Table 1 has one block of chocolate on it, table 2 has two blocks of chocolate on it, and table 3 has three blocks of chocolate on it.

Now … outside the room is a class of children. Thirty of them all lined up, ready to go in and eat the chocolate. These children are allowed to come in one at a time and can enter when the person in front of them has sat down. 

When a child enters the room, they ask themself this question:

“If the chocolate on the table I sit at is to be shared out equally when I sit down, which would be the best table to sit at?”



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