Kindergarteners Explore – “What does it mean to be a hero?”

Kindergarteners have been exploring heroism by diving into the past to learn about real-life heroes. While studying Rosa Parks, students made a mental journey to Montgomery, Alabama and traveled back in time to December 1, 1955. They were asked to imagine the many reactions and perspectives of other passengers who shared Rosa’s infamous bus ride that day.

Quotes from kindergarteners:

“Some of the other people probably thought, ‘Just move, Rosa! I don’t want to get in trouble!’ But over here, this person is thinking, ‘Go, Rosa!’”

“The bus driver is probably thinking, ‘You have to do what I say and it IS fair because we have laws. You have to follow the laws.'”

“He’s probably thinking, ‘Ugh!’ because he just wants her to move so he can keep going with his job.”

Students reflected on what it meant to live at this time in order to more fully appreciate the brave actions of Rosa Parks. They shared journal entries with friends and dramatized scenes from this pivotal moment in history, trying on the shoes of a modern day heroine. Through perspective shifting exercises, students learn about history in a more personal and meaningful way, while also building greater social-emotional understanding of complex situations and learning to empathize.

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