Keys School Alumni Zoom Event

(Photos below) Our evening with Keys alumni on Zoom provided an excellent opportunity to hear their reflections on successfully transitioning to high school and beyond. We talked about experiences at Keys that make an impact on their lives now and the exciting paths they’ve taken since their time here. 

“I learned how to advocate for myself while at Keys. Never being afraid to ask questions, and now being in science, that’s very important. But learning to think on your feet and the aspect of critical thinking is something that students will learn at Keys.”
-Alison (Class of 2012)

“I’m a math major, and the Singapore Math foundation, I firmly believe, is how math should be taught. It tells you why. And that’s how Keys builds up its education: by focusing on the ‘why’ and not just the ‘what.’ There’s not a lot of rote learning, and because of that I was able to seamlessly transition into classes that were harder than anything I did in middle school, mainly because they were AP courses. It felt like the right ramp-up in challenge and felt appropriate.”
-Mia (Class of 2015)

“The way Keys impacted me was through developing a growth mindset. Keys students are very willing to stick with problems, even when they don’t fully understand everything. They believe if they keep approaching the problem in different ways, they’re going to find an answer or at the minimum, get closer to an answer.”
-Corbin Dodd (Class of 2010)


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