Seventh Graders Visit IDEO and Learn from Designers

Last week, our seventh grade Research and Design class visited the Palo Alto branch of IDEO, a global design firm, giving students the chance to observe research and design at work in the real world.

Led by IDEO employee and Keys parent, David Webster, students toured the facilities, including the toy lab and workshop where prototypes are created. David stressed how important it is to “find out what matters to the user,” “ share ideas,” and “build, build, build… early.” By talking with IDEO designers, students learned about the intensional design of space, had their own research experiences affirmed by swapping stories with the pros, and saw new technologies, such as a three-wheeled electric motorcycle and virtual reality goggles for children. Immersive experiences in the field authenticate lessons learned in the classroom and inspire students to see themselves as imaginative and playful designers of their world.

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