Ice Skating

Gaining Confidence and Finding Balance on the Ice

Students have laced up their ice skates at Keys since the school’s inception in 1973, staying active during the brisk winter months by learning how to ice skate through lessons, free-skate time, and fun games with their friends. Each winter, students, teachers, and parent volunteers share the rink and learn from one another.

On several occasions throughout the past six weeks, students in each grade level traveled to Winter Lodge, a community ice skating rink located across the street from our Lower School campus. Ice Skating sessions alternated between individual grade level skating and Buddy Skate time, when middle school students joined their lower school buddies hand in hand on the ice.

As Kindergartners experienced the joys and excitement of their first year ice skating at Keys, older students passed on their expertise and cheered on their younger buddies ahead of the community-wide Skate Night in early March.

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