Sixth Grade Students Dive into Global Issues

The United Nations is tasked with promoting international co-operation and maintaining order across the globe, but with so many issues confronting humanity how does this organization decide which ones to prioritize? This week, sixth grade students started with a deep discovery in their social studies class where they researched global issues in health care, education, climate change, and other areas. In this deep discovery phase, students became more socially aware about the larger issues facing humanity, and the ways in which the UN and other non-profit organizations are working to solve these issues.  In the photos below, you can see students utilizing tools and materials from the IDEAS lab (Invention, Design, Engineering, Arts and Science) to create visual depictions of the global issues they have been studying. What students learn in these lessons regarding global issues and social justice will later feed into their curriculums for seventh and eighth grade where students will begin to actively engage with these issues, partnering with some non-profit organizations to help build solutions to these real-world problems.

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