Resistance for Justice in 5th Grade Social Studies

In 5th-grade Social Studies, students studied about resistance for justice in America. Ms. Simpsons shared: As we continue to learn about Colonial America’s restrictive social structures, we have also begun to talk about types of resistance. Students read through a variety of examples of historical figures/groups/events that resisted the social structures in place while on-campus and virtually. 

They grouped them in ways that they saw as similar. There was not a mandated number of groups or specific categories that students were expected to discover, instead, it was meant to be an opportunity to think critically and collaborate in order to classify with justification. There is a myriad of ways to do this, as many partners demonstrated.

Some partners grouped by type of resistance: “These are all people who used the law and went to court to resist or fight against these issues.” “These people used writing/publications to resist.” “These people used protest to make their voices heard against this unfair treatment.”

Some partners grouped by purpose for resisting: “These people are all fighting against slavery.” “These people are fighting for their freedom.” “These people are advocating for women’s rights.” “These people want equality.”

As we ask these questions of our learners, it provides them with opportunities to think critically and advocate for justice for themselves and others, to fulfill our commitment to make our world better.

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