New 3D Printed Document Cameras Helping Our Students

Middle School Students and teachers received 3D printed document camera mirrors made and assembled by our very own Middle School Technology Integrationist, Steven Zeigler. Sharing ideas, art, and information over an online Zoom class are now clearer to see.


The doc-cams show the image of whatever you place on or over the keyboard of a laptop. Our teachers make the most of using them in remote teaching because students can clearly show themselves working. Students learn concepts clearly when teachers demonstrate math problems and draw examples in front of the camera.


Mr. Zeigler heard about the doc-cams from Sharon Diamond and Sara Poplack. He immediately saw the potential for middle school students to exchange information and ideas easily. We have three 3D printers, so he was able to print 24 at a time. The process involved Mr. Zeigler going into school, taking the completed ones off the print bed, and starting a new batch printing. He would glue and clamp the mirrors for an hour and clean the mirrors in the final step. It took him around 30-40 minutes a day.


Mr. Zeigler shared, “To me, the lesson here is the importance of exchanging ideas and using the 3D printers for a practical application. Students in 8th grade, for example, will be designing and 3D printing a vehicle chassis as part of their Arduino vehicle project.”


Thank you for taking the time to use our 3D printers to make these doc-cams, Mr. Z.

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