Middle School Dive in and Discover Week

This week was Dive in and Discover week for our Middle School students! Students had the opportunity to dive deeply into an area of personal interest which they might not have normally had the chance to explore during the regular school curriculum. Ms. Dlesk, our Assistant Head of Middle School and Curriculum Coordinator, talks more about the why Middle School faculty and staff wanted to continue with Dive in and Discover Week during this week of offsite learning as well as the importance of Dive in and Discover Week as a whole.
“We chose to move forward with an adjusted version of Dive In and Discover this year for a variety of reasons. First of all, sharing learning opportunities outside of what students normally experience in the classroom is always a highlight for students and teachers alike! In addition, 8th grade students had worked hard to design Dive In experiences for the school during their Research & Design class this winter, so we wanted to honor their work as best we could, as well as make time for the cross-grade relationships that are fostered during Dive In week. This year’s version requires students to take more of a lead role in designing and executing their own project, while still checking in with teachers and a cross-grade group of students who are engaged in similar projects. Projects range from quilting to movie making to mastering sports skills to the ever popular baking and cooking! We’ve been really impressed with students’ creativity and independence!”
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