Keys Kindergarteners Stage Sit-In

The right to peaceful protest is a cornerstone of democracy. At Keys, this rings true for even the youngest students on campus. After learning about Martin Luther King Jr.’s struggle for equality and change, students in Kindergarten were asked to examine their own school community and decide on an aspect of Keys they believed was unfair. They voted on a current rule which restricts Kindergarteners and first graders from using the park next to school during recess.

In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. and his peaceful protest methods, Kindergarten students wrote letters to the Head of School, hung posters on campus, created protest signs, and held a five-minute silent sit-in outside of the Head of School’s office. After the sit-in, the class and Head of School came together for a town hall meeting where students were able to make their voices heard. A decision on the matter is pending. Throughout the process, students were able to build a personal connection to the larger concepts of fairness and peaceful resistance.

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