Ice-Skating: A Beloved Tradition

We value the importance of movement and physical exercise at Keys, and ice-skating is so much more than a unit in our Physical Education program. Ice-skating is a cherished tradition at our school. Our relationship with Winter Lodge, our local ice-skating rink, formed way back in the early days of Keys and has remained strong ever since. Ice skating is an opportunity for our students to build confidence, honor their curiosities, and step outside of their comfort zones to develop new skills on the ice. In the beginning, our younger students begin with safety, learning how to navigate the ice responsibly. During these initial days on the ice our students grow in their perseverance, understanding that to fall down is not negative, but rather a sign that they took a risk in order to get better. As our students get older and build in their confidence, they learn basic tricks like fisheyes or cross overs when skating backwards. Many of our Middle School students will even go beyond their lessons at Keys and enter into hockey or figure skating. The ice-skating unit across all grades culminates in our Annual All School Skate Night! This event is an opportunity for our students to demonstrate their skating skills and techniques to their families and loved ones, and is one of our most beloved traditions at Keys School.
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