Dive in and Discover: Magic and Imagination

Magic is a unique phenomenon in which what our eyes tell us and what we experience are two conflicting narratives. Magic permeates into TV Shows, birthday parties, and even some very popular movies. For teachers who are leading our students in the “Magic and Imagination” group of Dive in and Discover week, magic taps into our curiosity and wonder regardless of age.

Students are learning about sleight of hand, tricks and potions, magic of science, magic of illusion, and magical creatures. Students are exploring many real-world angles of magic, including motor skills with sleight of hand, the chemistry behind potions, the history of mythological creatures, and even how technology is used today to bring magic to life on the silver screen. Children still have their feet in both worlds, where magical things are very real for them because it is a link to that imaginative realm full of possibilities.

Teachers hope that by exploring the topic of magic, they are honoring the natural curiosities of their students. During daily recess, students in our “Magic and Imagination” group will perform and share magic tricks that they have learned with the other groups during the week. Magic like with any subject has a learning process, students are persevering through stages of continuous trial and error as they practice new skills. That determination to keep going is a core aspect of the growth mindset that is integral to Keys and an underlying focus of Dive in and Discover week.


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