Dive in and Discover: An Introduction

Today marks the beginning of Dive in and Discover, an exciting week of learning and exploration at Keys. Divided into mixed-age groups, students in Grades K through 4 will take a deep dive into one of the topics listed below. Students will have the opportunity to explore passions, try something new, and forge cross-grade friendships, bringing our community closer together.

Photos from Dive in and Discover Week will also be available to view and download on Vidigami (you will need to log in to your Vidigami account)!

Here are the topics students brainstormed for Dive in and Discover Week 2020!

The Great Outdoors

How are you connected to the outdoors? What do you enjoy most about being in nature? Explore your connection to nature through hiking, a day at the beach, getting your hands dirty on the farm, exploring and tinkering at Adventure Playground, and learning a variety of survival skills to prepare you for the GREAT OUTDOORS! Grab your water bottle, put on your gardening gloves, and let’s head outside for an adventure!

Sweet Freedom 

What would you build if you had a 1000 Legos? What would you play if you had two hours in a park? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do at school that you didn’t have time for? Let’s build a fort! Let’s write a play! Let’s read books in our PJs all day! Let’s bake. Let’s draw. Let’s explore nature near and far. What would you like to do? Join us and we’ll go on the adventure together. 


Experience an explosion of flavors through your 5 senses by transforming the way you understand food! Use your imagination to design and create delicious dishes by learning how to cook from chefs, enjoy a local ice cream crawl, design innovative dishes (including homemade pasta and ice cream), and participate in a cooking show.

Under Construction

Calling all builders, tinkerers, sculptors, and designers! Come and join us as we explore structures large and small while considering their unique functions. We will spend time investigating questions like: “Why do we build?,” “What makes the perfect structure?,” and “Do materials matter?” Grab your hard hat, blueprints, and imagination, and join the Keys Construction Crew! 

Sew and Tell 

Do you like knitting or weaving or creating with cloth? From costumes to lunch sacks, furniture to clothing and more – have you ever wondered what stories are knit into the fabrics we wear and use every day? Come dye fabric, cut, sew, weave, and knit to create a one-of-a-kind piece to showcase YOUR story in our textile exhibition!

Performance Art

Did you know that making art can involve dance, music, costumes, and doing wild and wonderful things like sitting and staring at people for hours or pretending to fly to outer space? The wackier the better! We will visit an artist’s studio to study movement, a children’s theater to learn about costumes, and see the work of some of the world’s most interesting performance artists. Join us if you are excited to embrace your creativity and make your own performance art. Whether you are shy, outgoing or somewhere in between, there is something in performance art for you! 

Game On

Board. Card. Dice. Lawn. Brain. Are you game for these games? Join this group to discover what makes a truly good game!! Each day we will explore a different type of game, work in small groups to create your own, and then try out each other’s! We will even travel to some game destinations around the Bay Area to play mini golf, bowling, and more!

Time to Celebrate

There is so much to celebrate! Art, culture, nature, creativity, and our fabulous, wonderful, unique selves. All week long we’re going to ‘live it up” by celebrating the big and small joys in life, including a trip to the Creativity Museum, unique cultural celebrations from around the world, playing collaborative board games, and much more. On our final day together, we will make decorations and cupcakes before we party it up under the disco ball! 

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