On the Campaign Trail with Keys Fourth Graders

In the weeks leading up to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, Keys fourth graders were busy preparing for their own presidential stump speeches as part of an interdisciplinary unit focused on the campaign trail.

Students kicked off the unit by exploring social issues currently dominating the political landscape, such as education, climate change, and immigration. They also considered issues that held personal significance for them, such as animal welfare and equal gender rights in the world of professional sports. They brainstormed potential solutions to these issues and began to draft their own swing state stump speeches.

In preparation for their own presentation, students studied a variety of powerful speeches and analyzed body language, tone, and argument. They collaborated with Lower School tech and music teachers to create campaign video advertisements and original campaign theme songs.

When speech day arrived, the student candidates took the podium and delivered their speeches in front of classmates and parents. Displaying spirited confidence, compelling arguments, and a sense of empathy for the issues facing present-day Americans, the fourth grade Keys students proved themselves as emerging future leaders.


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