“A Giving Tuesday Thank You From Keys School Faculty and Staff”

A Window into Life at Keys School Video Archive

The Core of a Good Life” (1:57)

Hear Emily Pollard, current Keys parent and parent of alum, talk about what makes “the core of a good life” for her family.

Stepping with Confidence into the Messiness and Discomfort of Learning” (1:26)

Listen to Sara Poplack, Lower School Curriculum Coordinator, talk about the importance of discomfort in learning, and how we, at Keys, step into that discomfort.

“Finding the Learning Sweet Spot” (2:10)

How do we help students to tap into their unique learning sweet spot at Keys? Listen to Marisa Hodgett-Chiang, Lower School Music Teacher, speak about the power of meeting students where they are at…

“The Importance of Recharging” (2:57)

At Keys, students recharge in their own unique way by engaging in imaginative play, participating in sports and games, curling up with books in the library, creating during Maker Time, chatting with friends, or connecting with a teacher. Hear Larry Purcell, Head of Middle School, speak about the importance of recharging and play both inside and outside the classroom.

“A Message of Gratitude” (2:35)

As we delight in the excitement of reaching 100% Annual Fund participation, we can’t help but once again thank you, our warm and kindhearted Keys community, for your rousing support of our Annual Fund. Your Annual Fund dollars are vital to Keys as they support absolutely everything, from teacher salaries and financial aid, to essential basics like textbooks, theatre costumes, basketballs, and art easels. Thank you!