Message from Alona


“Yet. That’s my favorite teacher’s favorite word. She says, you can learn anything you set your mind to. You just can’t do it yet.” – Alona’s son

I love that at Keys, we teach this idea of “yet”— that if a student works at something, they can make it happen. Too often, we overlook the fact that patience and perseverance are critical to learning.

At Keys, we celebrate childhood, while preparing children for life beyond the elementary and middle school years. We teach our students to imagine possibilities, to design solutions, and to learn from the perspectives of others. This makes for an exciting and inclusive community.

And it’s not just our students. Our parents are thoughtful, active participants in the world around them. They approach life with curiosity and humor, and believe learning is a lifelong pursuit.

I find there is deep empathy here for the joys and challenges that come with parenthood. It all goes back to the social emotional learning principles upon which our school was founded.

Social emotional learning, the bedrock for intellectual growth, is what most attracted me to Keys, as an educator, and as a parent. This solid foundation is what allows students to feel like they can take the risks needed to achieve their dreams.

Even if they haven’t, yet.


Alona Scott